we are via.

a media company.

we are via.

via is a media company.  We are dedicated to beautiful work that actually enhances your brand.  We are a full-service agency, which means we can do it all in-house.  Our teams include web, graphics, SEO and analytics, video, photo, and social media strategy and advertising.  Our goal isn’t reached until yours is, so let us take you where you need to be.



Nathan Winkelmes | Founder

Nathan founded Via Media Company. In his free time, he loves to ski, make music, and be outside. He is obsessed with building businesses in creative ways, and loves the creativity involved with the agency life. An Ohio native his whole life, he calls Columbus, Ohio his home and couldn’t be happier. He is also a huge supporter of Soylent and any other products that make eating a more efficient experience.

Tom Broadwater | Head of Finance

This is Tom.  He has chosen to remain anonymous.  You have never seen him.  Heck, we haven’t even seen him.  He is a mystery that has been eluding the public since day one.  Does he live in Columbus?  Maybe, we aren’t really sure.  Broadwater might not even be his last name, we just made it up because it sounded cool.  What hobbies does he have?  No clue.  If you find him, please tweet @viamediacompany using the hashtag #wefoundtom.  We would really appreciate your help on this one.  

Josh Emerick | Head of Production

As the Head of Production, Josh loves seeing projects come together. With talent both shooting and editing, Josh has an eye for things most people miss. He can tell a story better than anyone else, and wants to tell the story of as many Columbus companies as he can. Josh is known to work through the night, usually filming music videos for several different artists here in Columbus, Ohio.

Brandon Every | Web Developer

Brandon has been a web developer for close to 10 years now and is proud to call Columbus, Ohio the coolest city to work in. He has been known to come up with wonderful ideas and make websites not only look, but work flawlessly, Which is exactly why he is a huge asset to the Via team. In his free time, he has been known to fly his drone in places he’s not supposed to.

Ross Theisen | Content Strategist

Living in Columbus has been very inspiring to Ross.  As someone who is obsessed with music, he has found so many awesome bands to not only follow, but advise.  In his free time, Ross is managing social campaigns for these bands.  During the day, however, he is helping the team here at Via creatively approach our clients problems and develop strategies to solve them.  He also loves to try to go to bed early and ending up working till 4am.  

Seth Stout | Account Manager

Seth is a 20-something young hustler straight out of Columbus.  His favorite hobby is collecting people, because at the end of the day, our relationships with our family and friends are the only things that matter.  Outside of friends and family, Seth is a business obsessed person.  If he ever wrote a book, it would be called “A Startup A Day: 365 Business Ideas I’ve Had”.

Gerald Moore | Account Manager

Gerald is a hard-worker to the core.  A DC native, he made the move to Ohio to play football at Ohio University Athens.  After a successful football career, Gerald shifted his hard-working mentality to being an entrepreneur.  He made the move to Columbus and hasn’t looked back since.  In his free time, he enjoys assisting with youth football programs and hitting the gym.

Sophie | Secretary/Dog

This is Sophie.  She is a dog.   She is also a secretary.  She moved to Columbus after approached with a wonderful full-time dog position at Via.  Her responsibilities include answering the phone, setting appointments, and other secretary stuff.  In reality, she really just sleeps and barks, but that’s ok, we still love her.  She finds joy in eating people food, sleeping, and sitting on laps that she isn’t supposed to.  


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