Karate Cowboy

karate cowboy. the social campaign that's winning the west. and the east.

Karate Cowboy is a young, innovative spirits brand based out of Columbus, OH.  When we met them, they were in need of a sales-driven social media strategy along with a team to execute the campaigns.  We work closely with the Karate Cowboy team to learn about their brand and implement strategies that we know will build a lasting following and drive more sales.  At Via, we find it essential to not just post content for our clients, but to hand craft the content to fit the needs of our clients.  

When Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar, he celebrates with Karate Cowboy.  This is a fun post we designed for our client to play into pop culture and stay relevant.

Happy Birthday, Chuck!  Glad to see you enjoying our client’s product during your birthday bubble bath!  This was another fun post for us here at Via.  

This is a more informative post that we produced for the client.  It is an easy-to-read cocktail recipe that anyone can try at home and share online with their friends!

How do we get people interested in voting for our clients in local competitions?  By making fun of presidential hopefuls of course!  Ok, maybe that’s just fun to do anyways.  This is a campaign for the best spirits brand, and we are designing funny spins on all of the candidates to raise awareness about our client’s campaign.  Stay tuned for the rest!

ready for some numbers?


these are the results our client has seen so far after three months of our campaign development and social management.


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