Engaging with Millennials: How to reach consumers in 2016

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Engaging with Millennials: How to reach consumers in 2016

Engaging with Millennials: How to reach consumers in 2016

1.Track your social media analytics and test your content.

-Engaging with millennials is not the easiest feat for marketing professionals. This new generation of consumers are engaging in a whole new way. There is not an exact formula in crafting a campaign anymore. We have to constantly monitor our content and be nimble enough to pivot when necessary so that you don’t get left in the dust by your competitors. Consumers now are more conscious than ever when it comes to where and they spend their money. So, if you aren’t paying close enough attention to your social media channels you are going to miss out big in the long run.

2. Collaborate/User Generated Content

What makes social media special in the first place is that it gives everyone the equal opportunity to express how they feel on a public platform. There is power in numbers, and if you want to craft something that creates authentic engagement, then you need to have some focus on user generated content. People are more likely to purchase if someone else is advocating for our brands than if we are pushing the message out ourselves. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push on social, it just means our push has to cause other people to push too.  The numbers don’t lie, either. User generated content is 35% more memorable and up to 50% more trustworthy. Want to increase customer retention? Listen to your customers on social, and play to their preferences.

3. Influence don’t sell

Social media can be used in a multitude of ways to generate traffic and sales. We should still be running traditional advertising campaigns on social that simply showcase our product/service and pushes for people to purchase that product/service. Millennials don’t always respond well to this approach, however.  They would rather support something that they can engage with on a deeper level. Are we giving our followers something to talk about? Is our content worth sharing? It needs to be. If we aren’t giving our peers something to discuss or to be involved in then our growth will be stunted. Conversation is key, and our content needs to spark conversation if we want to influence new consumers to support our efforts.

4. Transparency

Millennials value transparency and honesty over any other demographic in history. A well placed ad on TV telling them to purchase our products because “they’re simply the best” doesn’t fly anymore. Thanks to social media, consumers are investigating more and researching brands before supporting them. If we appear to be fake, or if our companies lacks substance online, we will lose sales. We must show that our brands are experiences.  We have to prove to people that we really are the best. There are more resources than ever now to communicate with a potential consumer, so if we aren’t using all those channels effectively, there is a great chance that we will lose marketability to those who are using those outlets to their maximum potential.

5. Content is King

When it comes to social, the content that we are putting out is going to be the meat and potatoes of our campaigns. Is our content relatable? Have we tracked enough of our target demographic to know what it is they like and don’t like? Is our voice strong enough to create a call to action? If we want to influence millennials we need to make sure our content is something that they want to share with their friends. The key to any successful social campaign is to get our followers to engage. In doing so, their friends and other followers will start to take notice. Create something worth sharing, invite an open dialogue for people to express how they feel. This direct feedback is worth more than anything in helping craft better and more meaningful social campaigns.

We hope these tips help you with whatever your goals are, and that you share this information with others.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!  We can also help you put together a custom social media strategy!

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