Social Media Strategy – How To Increase Engagement

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Social Media Strategy – How To Increase Engagement

Social Media Strategy – How To Increase Engagement

A lot of businesses these days are deciding to use social media to build their brand.  This is great, but it is creating a lot of noise on social media that can become difficult to rise above.  Today, we are going to go over how to increase engagement and rise above all of the noise from others.  Keep these tips in mind when creating your social media strategy.

How Often Do You Post?   This is important for both increasing engagement and rising above all of the noise.  When you are posting more than everyone else, people see you as more informed, as long as you are putting out good content.  Your content will also get in front of more eyes more often and help you become the leader in your industry online.

What Are You Posting?  This is very important to your social media strategy, too.  Are you posting good content?  Is it well-designed?  When you share links, are the images attached?  These all seem like little things, but they make a huge difference when trying to stand out.  If you have more questions about designing posts, please contact us here!

Why Are You Posting?  This may sound silly, but you need to really think about why you are posting.  What are your goals?  What information are you trying to give to people, and why do they want it?  People won’t engage with your content if you aren’t giving them what they actually want.

When Are You Posting?  Time of day is important, too.  Experiment with posting at different times throughout the day, and keep your most valuable posts for that time of day.

Are You Following Up?  When a customer reaches out to you or asks you a question on social, are you responding?  People will start to respond and engage more when they see that you engaging and providing value.

Your answers to these five questions will determine how well your social media strategy will work.  Keep these tips in mind and try to apply them to your business and we promise you will have more success!

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