Social Media Strategy – How Hashtags (#) Work

Social Media Strategy, Twitter

Social Media Strategy – How Hashtags (#) Work

Social Media Strategy – How Hashtags (#) Work


We constantly get asked, “how do hashtags work?”  “What do they do?”  “Isn’t that a number sign?”  “It wasn’t always called a hashtag you know?”  To this, we say, “Yes, we know!”  Hashtags are used as a way to group posts, and Twitter got inspiration from the tags on the photo sharing site  It is Twitter, however, that helped the hashtag become the insanely popular craze that it is today.

So, how do they work?

Basically, they work by grouping posts together.  Let’s say that you are tweeting during the Superbowl and want to make a comment about the game.  You could use #SuperBowl in your tweet to be grouped into posts that have used #SuperBowl, too.

What is trending?  

Trending goes hand in hand with hashtags because when a hashtag or topic is talked about enough, it becomes a trending topic.  This is a good place to post something about your brand because there will be a lot of people watching the topic.  Just make sure you come up with a creative way to relate to the topic.

So hashtags sound cool, but what can they do for my business?  

They can do a lot, actually.  As a web design company, we like to use #webdesign.  This places us with a very targeted group of fellow designers and people in need of web design.  We usually get a new follower or two as well as post engagement each time we use that hashtag.  So be creative, find the hashtags that work for your business, and get after it!

Want more information on Twitter?

Twitter is a very vital piece of the social media strategy pie.  If you would like to learn more about Twitter and social media in general, you can check out our eBook, here!  It is a very useful resource for those who are trying to get a grasp on how to use social media for their business.

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